Elena has always been passionate about health and fitness. Being an avid runner for many years and feeling its affects, she turned to yoga for healing.
It was in 2007 that solidified her yoga practice as she used it to recovery from disc surgery. Wanting to share her passion, she earned her 200 hour teaching certification in 2010, and kids teaching certification from Next Generation Yoga. Elena aspires to create unity, through teaching compassion and kindness to ourselves and others, empowering children as well as adults through the essence of yoga.
She enjoys attending workshops and trainings to continually bring new and inspiring ideas to her students. With her soothing nature and trusted presence in the room, Elena leads a class to challenge, inspire, and evoke each student’s personal best.

Elena instructs the following:
  • Hot Hatha
  • An adaption of the classic 26 posture sequence that includes breathing exercises. Hatha systematically works the entire body to increase strength, flexibility, balance and stamina. The room is heated to warm the muscles in preparation for a safer stretch and to aid in the release of toxins.

  • Hot Vinyasa
  • A fun and dynamic flow based yoga that links movements with breath to create balance in body and mind. Vinyasa places an emphasis on core and upper body strength, while toning and increasing flexibility throughout the whole body.

  • Kids 6-10
  • NGY Kids (ages 6-10)
    At this age, class is still playful, blending asana, yoga music, games and meditation. We begin to expand to include more introspective themes such as strength, balance and self-awareness. Instruction will become more advanced for those who are ready to understand more accurately the practice of asana.

  • Kids 3-6
  • NGY Kids (ages 3-6)
    Through playful, interactive games and song, children are encouraged to move and use their imagination using animated postures. Children learn to increase body awareness, listening skills and cooperation through play, singing, storytelling and imitating.

  • Aerial Yoga Play
  • We receive the life changing benefits of yoga, and more, when we lift off the mat and into our swings. Aerial Yoga Play creates traction in the spine, stimulation for the lymphatic, circulatory, and endocrine systems, and our minds experience a shift as we inquire from a new perspective. Practicing in this 3-dimensional space allows playful movements that inspire joy.