Guest instructs the following:
  • Handstand Workshop with Leilah
  • October 21st
    12 - 2 PM
    All Levels Welcome! Whether this is your first time attempting a handstand, or if you are already holding the balance freestanding and want to work on pressing up, this workshop has something for you.
    Learn a series of drills to gain the strength, confidence, and technique necessary to perform this arm balance with ease.
    We'll work on developing shoulder stability and core strength, while exploring a variety of ways to enter the posture.
    After a fun and vigorous workshop, you'll leave with a program for practice to advance your mastery of Adho Mukha Vrksasana.
    $40 per person

  • Chakra 6 Sound Bath: Ajna
  • Oct 21st 
    6:30-8 PM
    In this unique Sound Bath series, we will use sound vibration from tuned alchemical crystal singing bowls, as well as simple chakra clearing chants, to attune, open, align and heal our 7 main energy centers. Each session will have a discussion about the specific chakra (where it is, how to feel it, what it means to the body), and will also include Yoga Nidra (a guided meditation done lying down), to help guide you to a place of deep relaxation and healing. This workshop is a gentle practice designed to help you relax fully, relieve stress, and transform your energetic body, mind, and spirit!
    Sign up for one or all!
    $30 per class