I moved to Washington from Illinois in 2004 with my family and absolutely love it here. My professional background is business
development and sales. With over 10+ years working in the corporate world I found myself dreading going to work every day.
Although I was great at what I did, it wasn’t my passion. I remember numerous phone calls to my boyfriend about how miserable
I was and he said, well, what would make you happy? I responded with, honestly… teaching full time.
I have my 200-hour yoga teacher training certificate and have been teaching Hot Yoga since May of 2009. When I teach, I want my clients to get a great workout but also to find themselves again. Yoga allows you to slip into a place of
meditation, relaxation and where for 1 hour you have zero worry, zero concern of what you left at the doors when you walked in.
My students will be those that are at the beginning of their fitness and wellness journey as well as mid to senior level enthusiasts.
I want my personal training or group fitness to help clients accomplish things they never thought they could. Provide them with
challenging and inspiring workouts where they can see physical change quickly and continually. Everyone comes in with different
fitness levels and I welcome everyone.

Laura instructs the following:
  • Hot Vinyasa
  • A fun and dynamic flow based yoga that links movements with breath to create balance in body and mind. Vinyasa places an emphasis on core and upper body strength, while toning and increasing flexibility throughout the whole body.

  • Hot Hatha
  • An adaption of the classic 26 posture sequence that includes breathing exercises. Hatha systematically works the entire body to increase strength, flexibility, balance and stamina. The room is heated to warm the muscles in preparation for a safer stretch and to aid in the release of toxins.